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The wild life of a very beautiful, loving, but rambunctious silver standard poodle. I was born November 21, 2005 in Loma Colorado. I moved to my forever on January 21, 2006 where I am loved and spoiled.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Parade of Lights

The town where we live is really starting to get into the holiday spirit. Last night the humans got to go to their favorite parade of the year, the parade of lights, but unfortunalely they wouldn't let me come because they said it was to cold for me to have to sit or lay on the ground for that long. The parade is always longer than an hour. Luckily, mom took lits of photos, and although I'm still mad they didn't take me even though they know I don't mind the cold, I liked looking at the photos anyway.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Can you say SNOW?

I knew something special was about to happen last night. All of us poodles got an extra bundle of energy and had a tingling sensation running through our bodies. We just had to PLAY! So we went outside to play ball. It was the most marvelous thing, it started to snow! Mom said the snow would be gone by morning because it usually is, but boy was she wrong. When we woke up this morning the entire world was covered with glorious snow! I could not be more happy.
We got to play ball in the snow with mom all morning. I also played with my toy boot, it didn't seem to get as stuck in the snow. My pink ball kept getting COVERED with ice and snow so I would have to stop and eat the snow off of it. I don't mind eating the snow, but didn't like holding a snowy ball in my mouth while trying to keep it away from my poodle family. I wish it would snow or rain everyday. What a glorious force of nature.
Here we are waiting for mom to throw the ball. Aspasia sure gets excited when we play ball, you would think she was a wolf the way she howls. Poor Josie is the only one of us poodles who doesn't love the snow. She would rather sit inside by the fire, and that's what she usually gets to do. I hope everyone in the world got snow today like we did, its the greatest thing since turkey leftovers.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My 1st Birthday and an unexpected suprize

Well, yesterday was my birthday and boy was it fun! I am one year old now but mom says I will still be a puppy untill I am 2, but she doubts I will actually every really grow up. I got to go to my favorite dog park yesterday, but then after we got home I ate dinner (canned food, because it's my special day), and then had cake. I got a new chew stick and a stretchy doggy toy to play with as well. What a day.

After mom got home from taking the human pups to school threr was a boy in front of our front door. Mom was worried that it was another abused and neglected dog (that happens more than we would like to think about) but instead of a dog it was two sick kittens. Mom is known as the crazy lady who wont turn an animal in need away, but when people just dump the animals it really makes her mad. The last animal who was dumped was a mini silver poodle who was tied to our gate sometime in the middle of the night a few months ago. He had several problems, including anxiety, but after alot of work and patience on mom's part he now lives with a great older couple who dote on him. Mom hopes these kittens (if they live) will find great homes as well. They are both boys. One of them, an orange and white one with extra toes, just seems to have a bit of an eye infection and a runny bum, but the smoke colored one with half a tail seems much sicker. He is very, very skinny, stinks to high heaven, and has his entire back end covored with poo. Mom gave them both a bath, fed and watered them, and will take them to the vet early this afternoon. She thinks they might have feline aids or something like that. We have no other cats in the house right now, but mom is keeping them away from us dogs just in case they have something we could catch. Both justice and her mom, Aspasia, would really like to play with those kittens, but Josie and I are pretending we don't even know they are here. Mom put them in her bedroom and boy are they loud. Please wish the kittens luck at the dr. today. Mom worries that the smoky one is to sickly to save, but cats are pretty tough so you never know. Mom has started calling the smokey one Cinder, and the orange and white one Marmalade.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Well, my computer is finally up and working (and hopefully it will stay that way). The weather got really cold earlier this month, it even hailed and snowed a bit although non of it really hit the ground before it melted, but now it is pretty warm, around 60 degrees. I don't care what kind of weather we have as long as I get to play outside and sleep in mom's warm bed at night.

We had some excitement here a few weeks ago. My black poodle sister, Aspasia, gave birth to one black and one brown little girl pup. Before they were born mom put a plastic swimming pool in out living room and lined it with newspapers and some old blankets. Aspasia was quite happy there and slept there everytime she took a nap. She even shredded the paper. However, when it was time for her pups to be born she REFUSED to stay in the pool. She decided the COUCH was a much better place to give birth.No matter how many times mom moved her and pleaded with her to have them in the pool Aspasia moved right back to the couch. Mom finally gave up and covered the couch with the old blankets. Afet both the pups were born mom put them in the pool and Aspasia was happy to stay in there with them. Aspasia is a very good mother and takes great care of the pups, but I decided that I should help her out. Every time Aspasia has to go outside to go potty I get in bed with the pups to guard them. I am also very goot at giving them baths. I also like to climb in the puppy bed when Aspasia is in there, and luckily she doesnt mind very much. Mom doesn't like both of us to be in there at the same time because she worries that the pups will get smooshed, but that won't happen. I am very gentle and loving with the pups.The smallest human puppy (who turned 2 this month) decided the pups needed names so started calling the black girl batman and the brown one robin. I don't think he realizes that those are boy names, either that or he just doesn't care. When the pups move to their new homes I'm sure their human family will call them something else, but for now the names batman and robin have stuck.

My other poodle sister, Justice, is the pups full sister. She was also very excited to meet her siblings. She started out chocolate like Robin but has since turned a neat Cafe Lait color. She is only chocolate on her ears, feet and her tail now (and her face when she needs to be trimmed). She is still in the process of changing color (as am I) because we poodles dont stop changing color untill at least 2yrs old.We think Robin will turn as well when she gets older because she has LOTS of white hair on the bottoms of her feet just like Justice did when she was that tiny.
Justice got to go with the humans yesterday to a park. Not a dog park but one they call a playground. She loves to go with them to those parks, although I dont understand why. Justice can only go when there are no other human children there because she likes to go down the slides too. She is going to be tought agility soon, if mom gets extra time. I was going to learn agility as well, but mom is worried that it will be to stressful on my back. There is only one problem with Justice learning agility thoigh. She can't or wont jump! What is that?! All standards are fanaminal jumpers (or so I thought) but she refuses to jump over even the shortest thing. She is an odd duck. Are any of you other dogs afraid or unable to jump like Justice? There doesn't seem to be anything physically wrong and has plenty of oportunitys to learn to jump but just wont. Here is a photo of Justice at the park.

By the way... I'm going to turn ONE on November 21!!!! I wonder what the humans have planned for me!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


I went to an odd human thing event tonight. A costume contest for people and their dogs. I have never seen so many silly people or dogs in my life! Mom took both Odette and I along with the 3 human kids. Everyone was dressed up in different outfits, most of whom matched their dogs. It was to benefit the local animal control. Mom told me that I was supposed to be a bat dog or something like that. I just wore plastic blow up bat wings and a fancy black bandanna. Odette wore her princess outfit. The littlest human was superman, the middle was Zookie (a super hero from his imagination), and the girl was a queen vampire. I suppose I matched her a bit since I was a bat dog, but many other people went ALL out on their dog's costumes. Mom says she would love to have the time to create some of the things the other people could, but she had to make the human kids' costumes and just didn't have time to go all out on ours. I just don't think that's fair. We are her kids too after all. I wish I could get the photos to post of me in my costume, but I will try and post them tomorrow.

Friday, October 06, 2006

foxfire and rain

Thanks to Isabella and Buster I can finally post photos again. Foxfire really does work better for blogging.

These are some of the bees that stung me and sent me to the vets. Thabkfully the swelling is almost gone completely on my eyelid so I don't have to be a cone head anymore. Mom isn't very happy with me today because when we went for a walk today I still wanted to catch those bees. I kept snapping the air to try and catch them. Doesn't mom understand that vengence WILL be mine?!

After our walk it started poaring!! It doesnt usually rain very hard here, but it sure is now. It rained last night too. Mom forgot to roll her car window up last night (real smart) so she had a very wet seat when takeing the human kids to school this morning. I thought it was funny. Infortunately we poodles won't get to go to the dog park today because the ground is SO very muddy. If she did take us her car interior would no longer be grey but a beautiful, slimy, shade of brown. Sounds good to me. Maby things will dry up enough for us to get to go to the park tomorrow, but the way it's looking outside right now that isn't very likely. I love the rain but love running with a pack at the dog park too.

Friday, September 29, 2006

The Bees

We got to go for a long walk today and I got to see lots of neat things. We visited my mom's human parents house and saw ALOT of buzzing, flying things in their back yard. Mom told me to leave the Bees alone, but do you think I listened? As soon as she was out of sight I started snapping them up. I love to catch bugs, mom says it's not a lady like thing to do, but who says I want to be a lady? I'll leave that to Josie. I caught and ate several of them before one of them BIT me! It hurt but do you think that means I stopped catching those nasty buggers? No, of course not, what do you take me for, a quitter? I got 2 stings on my lips (one on the inside of my mouth, one on the outside) but that didn't slow me down much. Then something happened that made me leave the bees alone. Those bees got mad and stung me on my eye lid!! Now, that wasn't called for. Mom came outside to check on me and freaked when she say my lips swollen a bit and my left eye swollen shut! She soon figured out what had gotten me when I got sick and those bees came right back up, but because mom doesn't know if I've ever been stung by a bee before and didn't know if I was allergic, and she was worried that they might have scratched my eye, she took me to the vet. I love the vet. They pay so much attention to me, give me treats, and after I go there mom always spoils me rotten. I didn't think I need to go to the vet, but you know how moms are, worry warts. The vet put a neat chemical in my eye and shone a special light on my eye to make sure there weren't any scratches (there weren't) poked and pulled at my lips to make sure there weren't stingers still in it, then they made me wear a VERY irritating thing, an E collar. I hate that thing and keep checking on the edges although mom can't figure out how I'm doing that. I run it into a wall hard untill it bends than grab the edge with my front teeth. I want that thing off now! I have to wear it so I don't scratch at my eye, especially after mom puts some gunky cream in it. You would probably think I will leave those nasty bees alone after all this, but I have a score to settle now. They made it so I have to look like a satellite dish is on my neck so I have to make them PAY! Just you wait bees, just you wait. Your time is coming.